Junior Development

BDGA Junior Development Grant Policy

1. Clubs can apply for $1500 (inc GST) of funding through the BDGA.

Simply send the BDGA secretary (secretary@bdga.org.as) an email outlining your program and attach an invoice for the total amount of funding ($1500 inc GST).

Clubs can apply once a year for this funding and need to submit their program/proposal before the 30th October each year. Funds will be paid in early December each year.

2. Clubs can apply for up to $7500 (inc GST) of funding through the BDGA.

Open all year round, clubs apply to fund a NEW Junior Development Program at their club. Clubs are encouraged to meet with the Secretary of the BDGA before applying. Clubs need to match any BDGA funding, with 1/4 of the total value of the program. (E.g. $7500 funding from BDGA - $2500 Funding from Club). There are a limited number of funding grants available and clubs are encouraged to apply quickly. All proposals need to be approved by the BDGA Management Committee before funding will be provided.

Should you have questions or wish to apply please email BDGA Secretary - secretary@bdga.org.au

**Clubs are reminded no BDGA grant funding will be paid out until all outstanding Capitation Fees are paid for.